Nothingexplains better territory of Montenegrin land than two words: Wild beauty. On its small surface magnificent coast which would leave you breathless meets mountains and rivers, awakening the explorer within you by their beauty and size. Many travel writers wrote about their enchanting beauty, great artists found their inspiration there.


“…I regret in this life,

That I do not have two roots,

So I can call my second patria

Montenegro …”  wroteRussian poet Vladimir Visocki.


Andriano Balbi, famousItalian geographer wrote in 1840: “A Montenegrinis satisfied to eat bread with garlic and drink water, in order to offer to his guest meat, fish, wine and brandy”.

German botanist Wilhelm Ebelarrivedon May 28, 1842 in Montenegro and wrote among else: “In order to keep their freedomthey were ready to die in heroic fight, because life without freedom had almost no value for them.”

Englishtravel writer Wilkinsonvisited Montenegro in 1843 and noted:
“WhenI travelled in the interior of the country, poor people would oftentimes run out in front of me to offer me fruits or something else that they had.  Once, when I offered them money, they replied: “This is to welcome you. We are at home, and you’re a stranger”.

Czechtravel writer Singfrid Kaperdescribed hospitality of his host in one Montenegrin village: “…he brought outred wine, coffee, eggs, cheese and bread and beside that he placed at my disposal, with his old-fashioned hospitality, his whole house and everything in it…”

Gzavije Marmije, Frenchtravel writer describedhow he was welcomed whenvisiting  Cetinje: ”…in a pleasant mood supper has been prepared for me, which was abundant and tasty. Beforeentering the house, on the table was beef of excellent taste and cabbage dishes which seemed to me to be at the top of culinary skill.  Besidesthe dishes served, they have added potato salad and sheep cheese. Afterthe supper, because it was a cold day, they lead me to the kitchen which had a fireplace where whole tree trunks were burning…”

Britishmagazine “Sunday Times Travel Magazine”posted an article the title of which presents  Montenegro as: “Mediterranean beauty which has hidden its natural beauties for decades from inquisitive eyes, and is now ready to share its wealth with others”.


Welcome to Montenegro!