Your passion is our profession!

We offer the nature at its best, using state-of-the-art equipment. Our meals are fresh, healthy, organically produced and prepared by our multi-talented guides!

Camping with us is de-luxe and comfortable! Our guides are professionals who share their knowledge and love of the outdoors with you.

Whether you are an individual, family, tour group, non-profit organization or corporate client – we aim to provide you with an extraordinary outdoor trip. If you are not absolutely delighted with our guides and services, THE TRIP IS FREE! This confidence in our service has no match in the industry.

The arrangements we offer take you right into the heart of high mountain areas, river canyons, eco-villages, and are absolutely self-contained when it comes to getting close to the natural wonders like the rugged terrains, high altitude passes, pristine forests, cold rivers and lakes. At the end of it, you’ll thank heavens that the roads have reached these regions, giving you an opportunity to explore these areas!