Hiking in Mrtvica Canyon

Conquer One of the Cruelest Canyons among Montenegrin Rivers, Mrtvica River Canyon!

Hiking in Mrtvica Canyon

River Mrtvica is right-side tributary of river Morača. it springs out from the slopes of Maganik mountain. It is known for its imposing canyon, around 800 m deep. The path through the canyon has been manually carved in the vertical cliffs and has served for a long time as the only connection for the surrounding villages with civilization. It is a natural habitat of  chamoises and mountain eagles.

Hiking starts in the village Velje Duboko, the remotest village in Montenegro. Lenght of the pedestrian tour is around 9 km, which is timewise around 5 hours. Lunch packages have been secured and the lunch is organized in the national restaurant or at the exit from the canyon.

The price is 50 per person.

Minimum number of participants is 5.

The price is inclusive of transfer from Kolašin or Podgorica.