Photo safari on Bjelasica

Bjelasica is known in Montenegro as a mountain of »gentle« pastures and cold wells. During a couple of hours of stay in the mountain, moving on heights from 1800 to 2100 meters altitude, we shall lead You by field vehicles through the green pastures of Bjelasica, summer pastures (katuni) and areas belonging to the National Natural Reserve »Biogradska gora«, we will conquer peak from which »open up« unforgettable views of the high mountain glacier lakes, known in our country as »Mountain eyes«. We shall go down Biograd jungle serpentines, which is together with jungles »Perućica« and »Bjeloveška Pušća« the last one in Europe, to Biogradsko Lake, where if you wish, we can use the opportunity to rent boats, bathe or make one-hour hikingaround the lake. Of course, with all this you will enjoy national specialties of Eco – Summer Pasture (katun).